Positive Creates

Long before I got into education I thought I wanted to teach tennis. Planning, creating, and teaching lessons to ages 3 to 80 years young. Every ability level in between. Working 7 days a week, and as we used to say ‘Whoopin it up‘ for every class, taking to heart the words of a mentor of mine, “Keep it at 1/4 instructor and 3/4 entertainer.”

With everything in this life, things happen for a reason. I decided 6-7 days a week, 40+ hours on court wasn’t going to last. The ‘Whoopin it up’ wasn’t effective anymore. I just lost interest and decided if I’m not at my best then I’m going to try my hand at something else.

Fast forward 13 years to now – my daughter decided she wanted to try tennis. I decided not to push my tennis onto my daughter unless it was her choice. Now I’m viewing lessons from a completely different perspective – the parent perspective. This is what my new found perspective is affirming for me on a tennis court or in a classroom……

Find the positives and share them anyway and anywhere you can. A positive comment goes a long way. All Lennon could talk about was how well she did weaving between cones doing a footwork drill because her coach yelled, “Holy moly incredible footwork!” Lennon wants to play tennis everywhere we go. When I mention, “One more ball,” Lennon responds, “Then we can pick them all up and do it again?” Those positive comments and enthusiastic coaches created this love of tennis within a 4 year old.

In this life whether you’re coaching tennis or teaching in a classroom and you feel like it’s not enough – from my new found tennis parent perspective, it is enough. Stay positive. Share some joy. Smile. Whoop it up.

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