Eduprotocols For The Win…..Again

I just opened my blog and realized my last post was written on March 23, 2020. The last year hasn’t provided much inspiration. My focus hasn’t really been on the positive. Rather, my focus has been on surviving and providing the best damn lessons I can day in and day out. One such lesson I created was a quick Peardeck infused lesson on the Whiskey Rebellion.

I’m currently trying to do a thematic unit on how much power the national government should have. We are focusing on the national bank issue, the Whiskey Rebellion, the Sedition Act, and much more. My lesson on the Whiskey Rebellion featured a slidedeck with historical background, a Sketch and Tell, primary source analysis, and a reflection. That lesson can be found here. It was created to be a simple 1-2 day lesson using Pear Deck.

As I arrived at school, I had doubts about my lesson and needed a change. Like most of my lessons, I cast doubt and want something better. Class was starting in 10 minutes and I was committed to changing this lesson. I dug into my Eduprotocols tool bag. This is what makes Eduprotocols so versatile and great.

I ultimately settled on a Fast Curious using Quizizz paired with a Cybersandwich. The Fast and Curious with the Whiskey Rebellion was 8 questions. Students took the quiz to begin class and the class average was 62%. Next I used a 10x10x10 Cybersandwich (Example Here) with a quick read on the Whiskey Rebellion. This part of the lesson involved a 10 minute read with note taking, 10 minute discussion, and a 10 minute summary. I finished the lesson with the same Fast and Curious Quizizz and the results blew me away – A CLASS AVERAGE OF 100%.

Lessons like this make Eduprotocols unbelievable. Planning a lesson 10 minutes before class is not ideal no matter how you slice it. However, it had students working on 2 of Marzano’s nine essential instructional strategies – Identifying similarities and differences and summarizing and note-taking. On top of this, it was effective. Students saw growth. Students gained confidence. 62% to 100% in one class period. Eduprotcols for the win…..once again.

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