How’s My Quarantining? – Week 1

When this whole Coronavirus talk started 2 weeks ago, I highly underestimated the seriousness of the situation. Partially as a midwesterner, and a lot as an American. Why? The thought of something coming into the United States of America, shutting things down, being told to stay home doesn’t happen. It’s the most un-american thing EVER! I never thought I would be sitting at home, away from school, during my Spring Break writing about week 1 of quarantining shenanigans.

How’s my quarantining going? It sucks. I hate sitting around all damn day. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great being home with my family. But, it’s not within me to stay still. My life, beyond family, has always been teaching whether it’s teaching tennis, life lessons, or history.  I’m still trying to maintain connections, trying to maintain normalcy, but it’s tough. It’s frustrating. On top of this feeling, here’s a run down of my first week quarantining:

  1. Monday through Wednesday – I blew my nose 180 times. In a 12 hour time period, that’s 5 times an hour. My nose is raw, it sucks. Good thing we have 3 tubs of Baby Aquaphor for diaper, and now, nose rash!
  2. On top of being sick, I made it through the first week of “school” – answering e-mails, maintaining my daily message I write on the board. I tried to make personalized videos wishing students well for Spring Break. I pride myself in creativity, and thinking outside the box with lessons. However, I’m not going to lie, it’s hard finding motivation right now. Luckily, Spring Break provides me with an opportunity to come up with something. In the end, I’ll find the motivation and think of something creative because ultimately it’s for the students. For them, during this time, I will come through.
  3. School is where I should be. I miss my students. I miss teaching in a classroom. That is all I have to say about that.
  4. Refer back to number 1 – I started off not feeling well. Now Teddy doesn’t feel well. My wife doesn’t feel well. But, we are fighting it and getting through.
  5. I’ve taken time to rediscover some old music I used to listen to – if you are not listening to Nathaniel Rateliff or Jack Johnson, please start. It’s what this world needs.

6. I can’t wait it for to warm up so I can make my way outside more. I don’t consider myself an outside person, but it’s been awesome so far. My appreciation for being outdoors has increased with each passing day.

7. I went to the grocery store on Saturday morning. I have a slight cough, and was afraid to cough in the store. What an awkward time to have a cough! I held that damn cough in for 30 minutes and let loose when I got back to the car.

There you have it – week 1 of quarantining shenanigans. Nose blowing. Sick, sick, and more sick.  Music rediscoveries. Finding motivation. Awkward Kroger trips.


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