Keeping Connections

Everyday I write a new message on the whiteboard for Room 505. Today’s message – “We didn’t choose this moment. But we can choose how we respond to this moment. If you have come to trust me a little this year, then take this advice to heart……breathe and persist. Time to step it up……own your learning……earn your learn.”

I have never seen anything like this in my lifetime. Honestly, I don’t know what else to say. I do know this……in times of craziness, I have always remained calm. It’s a must in the field of education. In tough situations, get tougher, think on your feet, and make it happen. However, this will be the longest 3+ weeks of my life spent wondering, “Is this the best thing for students?”

Earlier in the day, on this last day before break, I shared with some that this hasn’t been my best content teaching year. However, the one bright spot this year is my focus on connections. Each day I write a daily message on the board – something inspirational, something to make students think, or whatever comes to mind. With my 7th grade classes, I say every student’s name, ask them how they’re doing, and they have the ability to share something that made them smile or frown. This practice started off awkward….now I have tons of students sharing stories.

So, as I sit here tonight ready to begin the longest 3+ weeks of my life, I’m not worried about teaching content. Rather, I’m worried about lost connections. How can I find a way to keep my daily message going? How can I find a way to have students share and connect? I don’t have the answers now, but I do know I will make it happen.




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